never trust a big butt and a smile

Anonymous said: You don't know me.

Um… Okay…

Anonymous said: You'd ignore me if I told you who I was

Just tell me

Anonymous said: I randomly stumbled upon your profile and saw your picture. It reminded me of someone. Someone who was never real. Just a made up figment in my mind hoping that one day I'll meet her.


Anonymous said: What matters most, the heart or the mind?

You’ve asked this question so many times

Anonymous said: The look on your eyes, tells a lot. Like if you've been through so much and you never thought you'd surpass it. You hate being alone. I've seen that look you have before. Because I had that look. Feeling alone and helpless is horrible. I hate it too. You hide the pain with your smile. You know a lie when you hear it. But you're strong regardless. Waking up to know I can be with a lady like you is truly a gift. Being able to hear your stories would be a blessing. You're beautiful...

Um…. Who is this?

Anonymous said: What does it mean, when your hearts already numb?


beerponggawdd said: you are gorgeous

Thank you

Sleepy bb.


R.I.P. Leonard Knight (1931–2014)

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"I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time." by

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David Levithan, Are We There Yet?